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Monday: 4 pm - 9 pm (No Grill)
Tuesday - Sunday: 7 am - 9 pm

White Sheet

More Than Just Ice Cream

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For decades, people from all over the region have flocked to Coventry Parlor seeking delicious ice cream with serene sunset views over Laurel Locks Farm. Although ownership has changed hands several times, the Parlor remains the same quaint, neighborhood hangout that North Coventry has come to know and love. 

Although we've stayed true to our ice cream parlor roots with over 20 flavors of scrumptious hand dipped ice cream, we've also greatly expanded our menu of breakfast, lunch, and baked good items. In addition to our daily menu, we offer weekly specials. That means each week we have new and exciting breakfast, lunch, soup and side options.  

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Weekly Specials

Each Wednesday we pick new soups, new breakfast specials, new lunch specials, and new specialty sides. This allows us the creative freedom to try interesting and exciting culinary endeavors. This also means our customers are treated to an ever-changing variety of high quality meals.

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The Parlor's Story

Coventry Parlor at Laurel Locks has been a refreshing staple to the Pottstown community for six decades.  The parlor originally served as the go-to ice cream spot and fresh dairy bar for locals.  Since our humble beginning, we have expanded to a full-scale restaurant serving hot breakfast and delicious lunches.  We also offer fresh baked goods, homemade groceries, and lots of fun events.  


Despite our expansions, we still retain the nostalgic essence of the original Laurel Locks.  Stop by any day and enjoy some ice cream overlooking a beautiful farm, or try a meal on our delicious dining menu Tuesday-Sunday.

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